The 5 museums with the most beautiful paintings in the world

The 5 museums with the most beautiful paintings in the world

If you have a passion for art, you certainly like visiting art museums in your free time. However, you have not yet found the most beautiful paintings. You may be also wondering where you can find the most beautiful paintings in the world.

5 museums where the most wonderful paintings are located

1. The Guggenheim Museum is strikingly amazing with its iconic, conch-shell shaped architecture. It was designed by the famous contemporary art designer, Frank Lloyd Wright. The museum has opened since 1959. The Guggenheim Museum is located in Germany. The main features of the museum include:

  • Several collections of impressionist modern art,
  • A large collection of post-impressionist modern art,
  • Very beautiful collections of post-impressionist contemporary art,
  • Awe-inspiring collections of contemporary impressionist art,
  • Fascinating artworks by Louise Bourgeois and Francis Bacon.

2. The Museum of Modern Art or MOMA features the most influential collections of modern art in the world. The building architecture is amazingly beautiful. The Museum of Modern Art houses masterpieces from worldly reputable artists, especially:

  • Van Gogh,
  • Picasso,
  • Pollock,
  • Magritte,
  • Warhol,
  • Matisse.

The MOMA is also a popular venue for performance art, screenings and retrospectives. Apart from that, it is endowed with a large collection of films.

3. Musée du Louvre or Louvre Museum is located in a royal palace in France. It houses a large collection of mind-boggling works of art, as well as parts of the medieval castle. The most striking pieces of art in Musée du Louvre include:

  • Italian Renaissance paintings,
  • French neoclassical paintings,
  • French romantic paintings.

In addition, Louvre Museum displays other awe-inspiring works of art, which will keep you fascinated, especially:

  • The Mesopotamian antiquities,
  • A large collection of the Egyptian relics,
  • Amazing medieval artefacts,
  • Rembrandts and Rubens,
  • Classical sculpture.

4. Do you know that you can visit awe-inspiring museums in Vatican? The Vatican Museums house a large collection of fascinating work of art. The Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel house:

  • Fascinating works of art and paintings within the Borghese gallery,
  • The amazing statue of Laocoon,
  • A large collection of classical statues,
  • Fascinating collections of postage stamps.

5. The Whitney Museum of American Art was designed by the famous Italian architect, Renzo Piano. He also designed Europe's tallest building, which is London's Shard. The museum is located in Manhattan, New York. The main highlights of the museum include:

  • Its striking architecture,
  • A large collection of contemporary American art,
  • Thousands of sculptures and paintings.

Explore the most interesting museums

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