Creative leisure activities for the whole family during the holidays

Creative leisure activities for the whole family during the holidays

A strong family tie is based on good communication and a good time together. Here are some creative leisure activities to have fun with your family on holiday.

Story from a set of words

  • Sharing a story together is always fun

Write 4 to 7 words on a card; and give them to each family member. Ask them to use the words and create a story using their imagination. At a given day, each individual should take turns telling a story based on the words. The event can be more memorable if a small goodie is given to each story teller, particularly a pen, a key ring, a small ball, a cap, from the local souvenir shop. 

  • Geocache together

Geocaching is a fun way to discover a hidden object or a treasure. The day before geocaching, hide a treasure in a special part of the park. The hidden treasure does not have to be a valuable object. It is preferable if it is a familiar item, or a used small object. Participants should use a GPS or a smartphone application to seek the cache. Then, you give the geographic coordinates about the cache location to your family members. A small present should be given to the first who finds the treasure.

  • Find that object at a museum

On the internet, get information about the museum ahead of time. Choose 3 or 4 special objects from the museum. Write a description of the objects on different cards, or create a riddle based on the objects. Before you visit the museum, give the cards to your family, and inform them that they will find the answers at the museum. When they find the objects, ask them to get more information and complete the card. They will share information at mealtime.

  • ¬†Comparing leaves contest

This is a fun way to discover plants and know more about the different shapes of leaves. When you go on a picnic in Nature, ask each individual to collect 10 different kinds of leaves including grass leaves. Then, sit down together and compare the leaves you have collected. The score is even if the leaves are similar; but you score more points if you found a special leaf. The one with the most special leaves will be the winner. After that, through the internet, ask your family to learn more about 2 or 3 of the leaves, especially their names and properties.

  • Find that animal at a zoo

Before visiting a zoo, find out something about the 4 animals at the zoo. Through the internet, write a short description of the animals on a card. Give the descriptions to your family. Ask them to find the animals at the zoo that you are going to visit. Once they locate the animals, ask them to complete a pre-written chart about about the animals together. They will share the information at mealtime.

  • Cooking talent show

This is an opportunity to have fun while cooking a meal together. During your staycation, ask each child to choose which part of the meal they would like to prepare, particularly, vegetable salad, fruit juice, or fruit salad, or another part of the meal. Then, each person should make a shopping list, with the ingredients needed for the recipe they choose to make. After that, you will go grocery shopping together. When you come back home, everyone will spend time together in the kitchen to prepare their part of the meal. Take the opportunity to take photos and videos of all the chefs of the day!

Having fun together at a special place

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